Branding Projects

Tebbie Mo’s Catering & Decoration

Website, company profile, letterhead & business cards

Tebbie Mo’s is a catering and event management company with experience in the international arena. Pastel colours in the same colour group as the logo were used to create a website and branding items to complement the logo without being overpowering.


The website is fully mobile responsive and designed in a way that makes it fun for the viewer to interact with the website.

Business Cards

As this is an event management company, the business cards were designed to mimic envelopes, with the logo placed in the place where a post seal would usually go. This pays tribute to the traditional way of sending invites – with a letter in the mail!

Company Profile

All too often people make the mistake of thinking that a company profile should be a thick, lengthy document, when in fact, all it has to do is give an overview of your company! The company profile designed for Tebbie Mo’s is compact and easy to read at a glance.